By day, I manage test.

Over my career, I have been very lucky to have worked with some amazing teams in the advertising/marketing industry here in Quebec as well as around the globe. Agencies such as Cossette, Taxi, Marketel and Sid Lee, as well as important clients such as Bell, Hydro Qu├ębec, Yellow Pages, Air Canada, BRP, C2 Montreal, Cirque du Soleil, Banque Nationale, and Apple.

My experiences have taught me how to manage multi-disciplined teams (client, creative, production) locally and internationally, both in French as well as in English. And I have been able to delve into the fiscal, brand and technical implications of a campaign as well as how to merge that with the human side of team management and studio administration. While my every moment is focused on the best client experience possible.

I have worked with companies such as:

Publicis Montreal

Resource Manager & Production Supervisor

M&H Polystudios, Inc. - cam&leon

Studio Manager / Project Manager


Print Producer


Traffic Supervisor - Creative Services


Print Production Manager

McGill-Queen's University Press

Production Assistant

At night, I have started to sharpen my skills in web development.
This site is my playground to try out new things. Stay tuned for more!

And sometimes I run!

What to wear?

As the seasons change, I often struggle to remember what I wore the year previous at the same temperature. So I created this thermometer as a guide. Take note that it is based on my location (Montreal, Canada) and on my degree of comfort. So please feel free to adjust up or down based on your own settings. It is also important to factor in whether it is day or night, humidity and the weather - for example if there is a windchill.

Click on each section to see my clothing suggestions.

−20°C and below
−19° to −15°C
−14° to −10°C
−9° to −5°C
−4° to 0°C
1° to 5°C
6° to 10°C
11° to 15°C
16° to 20°C
21° to 25°C
25°C and above

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