Born in Alberta, Canada, I grew up in St Albert and Calgary before moving back to Edmonton to go to university.

I have been drawing since the age of two. It was what kept me busy as a toddler. In school, I experimented with many forms of media, my favourites being drawing, painting, and print making which I still do in varying degrees. As an adult, I learned about urban sketching which got me back into filling sketchbooks and even making some of my own. Currently, I try to keep drawing as a daily habit – whether around Montreal or just exploring techniques at home.

I came to Montreal in 2001 to explore living a life in two languages, and started working as a production coordinator in advertising. I have been lucky to work with agencies such as Cossette, Taxi and Sid Lee, on a multitude of accounts. Currently, I am studio manager at cam&leon/M&H. M&H is a design studio in Montreal and cam&leon is their image creation/creative retouching division. Working daily alongside retouchers, art directors, photographers (and a ton of account managers), I do feel like my two identities are coming closer together.

Some of my current illustrations, daily drawing practice, urban sketches can be seen on my Instagram feed.