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Weekend pics


I’ve never really had the reflex for taking photos – I’m jealous of those with nicely curated Instagram feeds of consistently designed collections of pics. Last week I was reading this series of articles, “Stop taking crappy iPhone pictures!” and I think I might try to do something about this situation.

First off, did you know that when composing an iPhone pic, you can tap the screen to adjust the light and dark levels? I didn’t. Already, just with that adjustment, my photos are already looking a bit better. So now onto the next tip – take lots of pictures.

These photos are a selection from Saturday…
– Relaxing breakfast of maple walnut loaf (a little burnt) and coffee. This was the time the blizzard started, ending our one-day-Spring.
– Tea shopping for my Nan at La Vieille Europe. I am looking to restock her Taylor’s of Harrogate Earl Gray, but they were out of stock. I’m looking for other places who stock it.
– A walk through Square Saint-Louis (icy under that snow, nearly wiped out just after that pic)
– And then off to see the Grand Budapest Hotel. Really good, loved all the cameo appearances – I couln’t believe that that was Tilda Swinton under all that makeup!

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